Historical furniture is another significant part of the mobiliary of the Archbishop’s Chateau in Kroměříž, the part that is very attractive for visitors.

The 28 items were selected for restoration according to the overall inventory of the fund based on three main criteria: uniqueness and artistic value of the item, its condition, and the prominence of the item’s position within the guided tour. All items are in a serious condition and require restoration because of continual degradation of the furniture (woodworm, fungus etc.) and because of condition unworthy of public exposition (faded varnish, missing parts, unglued joints...).

Selected pieces of furniture are divided into two groups. The first one (15 pieces) consists of items mostly from the 17th century and belongs to the oldest, maybe even the original equipment of the chateau, the rest is from the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. All these pieces are part of the equipment of the chateau before 1948. The second group (13 pieces) is a set of furniture from the “Winter Apartment”; the set is an example of fine 19th-century furniture-making.

Selected items of historical furniture - part 1

Selected items of historical furniture - part 2



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